Trophy Day 2024 Results

Report by David Middlemiss

Trophy day this year was a little wet but luckly didnt pour down on us, with a good turn out of 16 in the 5k and 6 in the kids race. The kids race this year was fast, with Te Amotawa Stewart do the 2kms race in 7:59 and Claire Liang in 9:33, impresive times and pace.

The 5k race this year was slighty different which made it exactly 5kms, and also had a couple of pinchy climbs to add a bit of fun, As with any 5km race it was going to hard and fast.

With a minute allowed this year to be under the predicted time. Grahame Clarkin timed it right to took the win with Lewis Surgenor coming secound and John Crane coming thrid. Michelle Curnow was the first Female.

Both Sue Hunter and Joe Mace ran the exact time that they predicted.

Unfortunately, Mckenzie Liang went faster than a minute under her predicted time, but she ran an awesome time to go 1:36 under her predicted time, awesome work for the weather.

Another great day out running with Hawks.

Results below, looks like some good young talent coming through the ranks!

Kids 2km Race Results: 

Te Amotawa Stewart 20 7:59
Brooke Fyfe 21 14:12
Paige Fyfe 22 17:13
Claire Liang 23 9:33
Phillippa Liang 24 12:43
Austin Liang 25 11:32
Te Amotawa Stewart smoking up his shoes with his pace in the photo below:

Race Results 5km:

Michelle picking up the win the ladies and Grahame the lads! Great run plus strategy!

Mckenzie Liang 28:25:00 1:36:00 DSQ
Grahame Clarkin 26:38:00 0:53:00 1 1st Male 
Lewis Surgenor 23:49:00 0:42:00 2 1st New male 
John Crane 19:05:00 0:40:00 3
Paul Ewart 22:03:00 0:28:00 4
Peter Moorfield 17:49:00 0:27:00 5
Michelle Curnow 30:43:00 0:18:00 6 1st female
David Middlemiss 20:49:00 0:13:00 7
Dave Gunn 22:18:00 0:12:00 8
Sue Hunter 25:30:00 0:00:00 9
Joe Mace 20:00:00 0:00:00 10
Martin Carroll 22:00:00 0:00:02 11
Sam Price 20:33:00 0:00:03 12
Sandra Jensen 25:09:00 0:00:11 13
Chris Smith 20:14:00 0:00:12 14
Cole Dawson 18:48:00 0:00:26 15