Kinloch Off-Road Challenge 2020 Results

Kinloch Off-Road Challenge
Report by Mike Harris

After a year of disappointments with so many events being cancelled it was exciting to be able to run the Kinloch Off-Road Challenge, despite it being a somewhat modified version in order to abide by COVID level 2 restrictions.

It was almost perfect weather conditions with overcast skies, no wind and mild temperatures. Helen, Colin, WendyF and I donned our COVID masks for registrations which were managed in an orderly fashion with limited numbers due to runners being split into waves of different start times so that there were no more than 100 runners on the track at any one time.

Helen almost didn’t get to the start as she was randomly chosen for the compulsory gear check and failed. A very kind marshal (thank you Rosalie) lent her seam-sealed jacket and all was well.

After the race briefing with appropriate social distancing, the 8 a.m. half marathon wave was off. I set myself for a steady effort to the halfway point which basically was the top of the ascent and at that point was feeling good and decided to up the effort for the return trip. It was a “glorious” downhill track which kept my heart-rate down whilst running as quick as I could and negotiating the twists and turns of the track.

At the downhill pace I was going I was surprised not to see anyone again till I crossed the finish line. A few hours later we were back down cheering on Mike R as he was speed walking the 10k course. He even picked up a runner along the way and kept her running beside him!

It was a very well organised event, especially with all the COVID considerations and I will certainly be back next year.