North Island XC Champs 2019 Results

Good ole’ Taupo XC huh – conditions were perfect and the 18 (apologies if I missed anyone above!) Hawks that rocked on up R.E.P.R.E.S.E.N.T.E.D. Huge congratulations to Bridget for dominating her race and crossing the line first. Ditto to Joseph Morgan especially in claiming the course record! Race of the day had to be the Gentleman’s 50+ category. It was competitive, tight and “business time” from start to finish. Chris, John and Glenn did us proud and had Batman, Shona and I excited running around all over the course cheering them on (i.e. this became the warm-up for my race). I admire you guys so much……although those pain faces really got me nervous for my race. Well done Chris, taking out your age-group win and for edging out Craney ?.  

U14 Boh Ritchie
SW Maria Bentley (3rd), Grace Ritchie
M50-54 Bridget Deverell (1st)

U16 Joseph Morgan (1st – record), Adam Morgan
U18 Ben Bidois (2nd)
U20 William Swales
SM Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie
M50-55 Glenn Sexton (2nd), Michael Peck, Mark Cornaga
M55-59 Chris Smith (1st), John Crane (3rd), Garry Wilson
M60-64 Paul Ritchie, Vaughan Swale
M65-69 Grahame Clarkin

Personally, I’m an XC novice and had reservations about running. I actively avoided XC at school and have ever since! In fact, I remember the Athletics coach drawing me out of history class (way back in 1996) and giving me a right bollocking for failing to participate in the school XC. My excuse, fear avoidance. I was probably recovering from ankle sprain #254 courtesy of netball which was far more important that running was back then. But anyhow, we move on and race experience for road champs in September is required so a run over undulating hills on grass seemed logical?!

As we all know though, XC is brutal. Those little hills that we happily trot over during a long easy run feel like Mt Everest when we try to run fast up them. Lap 1 went well enough (i.e. legs burning but lungs were ok). Lap 2, yeah by this stage I completely doubted any ability I did have to jump the hurdles without face planting and losing my teeth, so I stopped and walked over them instead – much to spectators’ amusement. It cost me time, but I still managed to get on the podium. Happy to take that ?.