Sing Relay 2019 Results

Results from this weeks club event with race report to be posted in the next couple of days.

Chris Smith and Madison Rattray20.05
Marcus Daws and Tanja Miller20.13
Glenn Sexton and Zarah Rattray20.31
Joe Mace and Dave Clark20.39
Bridget Deverell and Iain Rattray20.45
Paul Reynolds and Mak Cornaga21.02
John Crane and Kerry Rattray21.04
Marc Scott and Connie Daws21.05
Dave Gunn and Sue Hunter21.29
Chris Keith and Toshimi Farrell21.37
Les Miller and Nichola McMahon21.38
Shona Dewson and Aimee Ferguson21.55
Sandra Jensen and Paul Ritchie22.05
Lucie Kibblewhite and Charli Miller22.25
Vaughan Swale and Rob Townsend22.40
Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie and Debboe Morris25.33