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Reduction Relay 2015 Results

This was a fun cross country event where runners were divided into mixed teams and must all run together. One runner drops off each lap. The course is between the club rooms and Cobham Drive – a 2km loop.

Teams (non official times)

__:__ Donovan, Dean, John
25:50 Wendy, Todd, Kent
26:21 Dave S, Lucy, Andrew
26:26 Penny, Gary, Matt
27:10 Vicki, Helen, Marc
27:11 Sophie, Maureen, Mike
27:12 Toshimi, Callum, Glenn
26:52 Ben, Charlie, Kovo
27:28 Paula, Colin, Lance
27:?? Ellie, Evan, Sunil
27:57 Paula, Nick, Grant
28:25 Merina, Darryl, Kevin
__:__ Girbert, Trish, Marcus

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