Report by Sandra Jensen

Its not cross country unless its wet, soggy, sodden, muddy, damp, fast , lung bursting and  did I mention fast?

My first reduction relay for a couple of years and lucked in being placed as the first runner ( yay one lap) of a 3 person team. reduction relay? three people run at the pace of the slowest runner first then that person  drops off and then the next two run at the pace of the next person and yeah you get the idea. Fastest runner runs the most laps but I think that’s fair.

I was teamed with Ross and kevin.What an awesome team. what a stunning line up of running superstars but alas my epic first lap which bought us into transition in the lead was not to last. I don’t blame you guys but it definitely wasn’t me.Our lead was not meant to last but we did our best but we were bested by better.But its all jolly japes in the end and a barrel load of fun and definitely a baptism of fire for my first cross country run this year. Topped off by a hot shower with a water cylinder sounding like it was about to explode and Fiona’s epic EPIC cake of which I could have had much much more.

This is the kind of event which makes being part of a running club so much fun.

1st. Chris & Les 25.59
2nd Joe, Lucy, Kerry 26.27
3rd John, Donovan, Dave 26.55
4th Andrew, Peter, Madison 27.08
5th Adam, Gemma, Gilbert 27.12
6th Kevin, Ross, Sandra 27.23
7th Lance, Glenn, Amber 27.25
8th Sunil, Vaughan K, Toshimi 28.11
9th Paul, Tanja, Clare 28.36
10th Iain, Raymond, Gordon 28.54
11th Leon, Vaughan S, Zarah 29.50