Reduction Relay 2023 Results

Report by Glenn Sexton

It was great to see 9 teams of 3 and 5 kids show up for the Reduction relay. These relay events  are the bread and butter of harrier running, giving everybody an opportunity to run with those you wouldn’t usually run within a standard race.

After the usual sandbagging and queue hopping ranking ourselves Lucie picked the teams. After years of these relays ive been a keen follower of trends and ‘winnniest’ people. Of recent years that winniest person has been the understated Mr Gary Wilson who usually buries himself in the middle of the “B” line so i cunningly positioned myself to give me the best chance of getting in his team.The was a silent YUSS, whoops of joy  and an internal high 5 to myself (or was it not really silent?) when my name got called out with him.

Along with our 1st runner Amo, we were a formidable, near unbeatable combination of youth, experience and tactical nous. Of course Amos followed our instructions to the T. Pace yourself lad, which is secret code for don’t go too fast for us old guys. With 300 metres to go we unleashed Amo to run a great lap. Me and Garry managed to keep up, and then spend the first part of Garrys lap recovering. Garrys ultra distance legs handled the short sharp bursts, but his ultra-distance lungs were reminiscent of the old steam train the Kingston Flyer by 3/4 the way through his lap, but pushed really hard to finish his lap in the 2nd fastest of the 2 lappers. Luckily both Amo and Garry had given me a very comfortable lead so all i had to do really was not pull a hamstring. 

Just looking at the results on the website, this report may look like a tall story but i can assure it is the honest truth. It is encouraging to see members  both older and newer enjoying a positive club experience and hopefully numbers will continue to climb for the rest of the season.

Thanks heaps to everybody for organising.Lucie and Wendy at registration,and Vaughan and Christian on the course setup.

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#TeamTeam MembersTimeLap 1Lap 2Lap 3
17Te Amotawa Steward
Garry Wilson
Glenn Sexton
29Mike Riley
Nisha Moorfield
Christian Conder
35Sarah Knauf
Rachel Ball
Martin Carroll
48Rich Andersen
Thea Mace
Iain Rattray
53Wendy Harris
Jack Conder
Peter Moorfield
66Claire Liang
Paul Ewart
Joe Mace
72Shona Dewson
David Middlemass
Brent Nijssen
84Wendy Fox
Leila Steward
Rich Ellison
91Michelle Curnow
Ray Crystall
Cole Dawson
Fastest Laps Times
#Lap 1Team Member#Lap 2Team Member#Lap 3Team Member
709:28.8Te Amotawa
908:26.1Nisha Moorfield307:31.7Peter Moorfield
509:50.9Sarah Knauf708:44.6Garry Wilson407:39.4Rich Ellison
810:02.8Rich Anderson509:02.6Rachel Ball207:42.4Brent Nijssen
310:24.6Wendy Harris 209:04.4David Middlemass907:46.4Christian Conder
910:36.8Mike Riley809:14.2Thea Mace608:00.4Joe Mace
611:00.4Claire Liang109:15.2Ray Crystal708:11.5Glenn Sexton
411:16.8Wendy Fox609:17.7Paul Ewart508:34.9Martin Carroll
211:52.4Shona Dewson310:08.8Jack Conder808:42.6Iain Rattray
113:04.2Michelle Curnow410:22.1Lelia Steward109:25.5Cole Dawson
Kids Results
Ihapera Steward11:45
Austin Liang10:14
Philippa Liang15:05
Mikayla Wang11:07
Eric Wang15:09