Interclub Cross Country 2023 Results

Event was hosted by Cambridge Harriers, and held on what used to be the Narrows Golf Course on Airport Road. Well, I can safely say it is no longer a typically manicured golf course…The grass was long, the ground was rough, but it was a great test, and from all accounts considerably tougher than the Te Awamutu Golf Course run a few weeks ago!

A good number turned out to test themselves – around 85 runners, which included ~29 Hawks that I could see. Congratulations to all those who raced. It was also nice to see Glenn Sexton and Shona Dewson back out there competing. Well done…

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The full Webscorer results (all competitors) for those interested can be found <<here>>

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Name Distance Category Time Place
Te Amotawa Steward 2.5k BU10 0:10:57 1st BU10
Grace Liang 2.5k GU10 0:17:49 1st GU10
Ihapera Steward 2.5k GU10 0:18:06 2nd GU10
Leila Steward 2.5k GU14 0:12:44 3rd GU14
Alexis Thornton 2.5k GU14 0:13:49 4th GU14
David Trow 2.5k Masters Men 0:19:51 2nd MM2.5k
Nisha Moorfield 5k GU16 0:21:38 1st GU16
Zack Conroy 5k MU18 0:17:55 1st MU18
Molly Peate 5k WU18 0:24:15 2nd WU18
Georgie-Rose Boyd 5k WU18 0:25:27 4th WU18
Glenn Sexton 5k Masters Men 0:21:37 1st MM5k
James Tunnicliffe 5k Masters Men 0:25:16 2nd MM5k
Teresa Thornton 5k Masters Women 0:29:02 2nd MW5k
Wendy Fox 5k Masters Women 0:29:11 3rd MW5k
Wendy Harris 5k Masters Women 0:29:34 4th MW5k
Shona Dewson 5k Masters Women 0:33:03 8th MW5k
Glenis Tunnicliffe 5k Masters Women 0:45:32 11th MW5k
Graham Clarkin 5k Senior Men 0:57:29 2nd SM5k 
Mike Peck 7.5k Masters Men 0:30:14 3rd MM7.5k
Mike Harris 7.5k Masters Men 0:32:16 7th MM7.5k
Chris Keith 7.5k Masters Men 0:32:50 8th MM7.5k
Martin Carroll 7.5k Masters Men 0:33:14 10th MM7.5k
Iain Rattray 7.5k Masters Men 0:35:01 12th MM7.5k
Garry Wilson 7.5k Masters Men 0:35:08 13th MM7.5k
Cole Dawson 7.5k Masters Men 0:36:39 16th MM7.5k
Paul Ewart 7.5k Masters Men 0:38:38 19th MM7.5k
Greg Thornton 7.5k Masters Men 0:40:25 22nd MM7.5k
Sue Hunter 7.5k Masters Women 0:41:16 3rd MW7.5k
Brent Nijssen 10k Masters Men 0:42:27 2nd MM10k