Reduction Relay Results 2019

Reduction Relay results held on the 2km loop course located between the clubrooms and Cobham Drive.

PlacingTimeTeamMembers of team
1st27.35228Sunil Fernadaz-Ritchie, Kevin Burt, Kerry Rattray 
2nd27.51226Glen Sexton, Olivia Theunissen, Wendy Fox
3rd27.53231Chris Keith, Casey Gibbison, Charlie Gibbison
4th27.59229Marc Scott, Connie Daws, Toshimi Farrell, Dave Clark
5th28.32227Dave Gunn, Lisa Joblin, Zarah Rattray
6th28.51224Ross Barnett, Lucy Farrell, Hugo Field
7th28.57225Spencer Devine, Jemima Antoniazzi Phoebe Field
8th 28.59234Lance Brew, Vaughan Swale, Dot Larsen
9th2926232Michael Peck, Garry Wilson, Rosie Burt
10th30.33230Marcus Daws, Mark Cornaga, Debbie Morris
11th 32.01233Gemma Horan, Vuaghan Kestle, Sarah Woolerton
Kids Race
1st10.3623Cory Brew
2nd11.1724Amber Rattray
3rd14.0230Lucas Brew
4th15.1126Connor Gibbison
5th15.4828Kerriann Brew
6thDNF21Amelia Daws
7thDNF22Dylan Daws