Rotorua Marathon

Rotorua Marathon Results 2019

The event calendar 2 weeks ago was chocka block with Rotorua Marathon and associated events, T42 and The Kauri run all being held. Hawks decided not to have a club race on the weekend due to this. My workplace has a couple of tragic running nerds who regularly analyse and study results so needless to say the  smoko and lunchtimes the Thursday and Friday beforehand  filled with predictions, and Monday and Tuesday after with back slapping and congratulations on how well we predicted.

Rotorua was the highest profile race having its 55th running, including the infamous washout year in 1999. While everybody has their own goals and aspirations, our run of the day went to Cecilia Flori, putting Hawks on the open winners podium for the first time in a few years. With her high weekly workload  in preparing for Western States 100 miler, Cecilia has a huge base and from all accounts could have kept going for another lap. The other outstanding efforts went to Kevin Knowles winning the MM60 title in 3.13 who was 8 minutes ahead of his nearest rival, and Hawks Charli Miller and William Taylor winning the mens and womens in the 10k.

There are way too many names to scroll through to find all the Hawks so apologies to those not mentioned and well done all.

Place Name Time Division Division Place
16th Cecilia Flori 2:51:54 F 35-39 1st
18th Rodrigo Jaca Gonzalez 2:54:47 M 16-34 7th
38th Kevin Knowles 3:13:57 M 60-64 1st
58th Nathan Campbell 3:22:38 M 35-39 10th
167th Vaughan Swale 3:53:35 M 60-64 11th
322nd Wendy Fox 4:22:23 F 60-64 2nd

If anyone is missed in the above results table, please let us know via the contact us page – website admin