Redwoods Relays 2017 Results

Report by Don Willoughby

Apologies for not fronting at the Redwood Forest on Saturday but health is a little fragile. However on checking the Lake City website it seems Hawks teams scored some excellent results despite the weather. With wins to our Mens and Womens open teams and seconds to Masters Men just a mere two seconds off a win, Masters women were also second while Mens open 2 team were third. Here is a list of lap times in ranked order:

Jacob Priddey 16.33, Jai Campbell-Davies 16.45,Isaiah Priddey 16.46, Sam Montgomerie 17.12,Theunis Peiters 17.26, Connor Tristram 17.51, John Bowe 18.25, Andrew Wark 18,41,John Crane 18.36, Lochie Montgomerie 18.46, Glen Sexton, 19.03, William Swales 19.06, Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie 19.10, Marc Scott 19.17, Charli Miller 19.20, Hikaru Mita 19.26, Cameron Hall 19.59,  Kevin Knowles 20.30,  Veronica Adams 20.34, Bridget Ray 20.37, Grace Ritchie 20.46, Gary Wilson 20.47, Karl Bradley 21.02, Melesa McNewarney 22.10 and 22.13, Oscar Emery 22.18,  Marion Millward 22.43, Kay Stockman 24.02, Gemma Horan 24.24, Keryn McCready 24.48, Tracey Greenwood  25.20, Craig Pebbles 25.21, Gilbert McDonald 27.01, Wendy Fox 28.04, Gordon Spiers 28.34. Some great running here so well done guys and girls.