Sing Relay 2018 Results

Report by Glenn

The first event of the year kicked off with 26 relay runners and a couple of 2k runners in overcast and warm conditions. After teams were picked we started off in the direction of Cobham Bridge and into the bush section by Peacockes Road. At the front of the field were Lance and Simon with a string of MM runners following closely behind. At the turn around there was the usual guessing about who was ahead of who. I was the first to reach the turnaround the 2nd time but I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold the other guys out. The good thing about this event is no one really knows how they are going until it is close to the finish line. Luckily no one crossed the river or ran past the turnaround and out onto Peacockes Road so we didn’t need to send out a search party (like last year aye Jai). Well-deserved win goes to the new member pairing of Simon and Zarah with Zarah making Simon work hard to keep up in the final sprint to the line.

Thanks to Lance, Kris, Mike Riley and Wendy for giving me a hand to organise on the day.

Results in order of placings are as follows:

Simon Kerr/ Zarah Rattray
Kent Hodgson/ Dot Larsen
Marc Scott/ Ken Johnson
Paul Reynolds/ Iian Rattray
Lance Brew/ Kerry Rattray
Glenn Sexton/ Maddison Rattray
Kris Moore/ Katherine Thompson
Mike Harris/ Maryam Emami
Andrew Wark/ Dave Southwick
Lucy Farrell/ Donovan Farrell
Veronika Adams/ Vaughan Kestle
Sunil Fernandez Ritchie/ Evan Primmer
Sam Corbett/ Toshimi Farrell


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