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Taitua Arboretum Relay 2015 Results

Report by Kevin Knowles

We had nice weather at the beautiful Taitua Arboretum for this year’s event. 22 runners and their supporters turned up and were handicapped into 6 teams of equal ability with the aim being to give each runner on each leg a competitive race.

The first 6 runners ran off, around 2.6km of twisting pebble paths through the tree park, and the two younger runners Katie Corbett and Max Field were the first to appear and complete the first lap.

Leg by leg it was a hard fought battle to claim the glory.

The woman’s team of Katie and Sam Corbett, Vicki Wade and Sarah Murphy led most of the way to win. Andrew Wark and Emerson Deverell were fastest male and female runners respectively. All teams finished in the space of 2 minutes, so I was very please that my handicapping efforts had worked.

Full results:.

Team 5 (1st)
Katie Corbett 11.04
Sam Corbett 10.44
Vicki Wade 10.36
Sarah Murphy 10.14
Total 42.38

Team 1 
Kaye Sharp 12.21
Vaughan Kestle 12.13
Maureen Leonard 10.34
Andrew Wark 8.51
Total 43.05

Team 2
Max Field 11.23
Ellie Broadbridge 12.13
Hannah Haworth 10.05
Kevin Knowles 9.37
Total 43.18

Team 4
Paula Klein 12.24
Graeme Clarkin 12.24 – appx
Marc Scott 8.55 – appx
Marc Scott 9:10 – appx
Total 43.23

Team 6
Gordon Speirs 13.15
Nic Gorman 11.21
Bridget Deverell 9.59
Emerson Deverell 9.07
Total 43.42

Team 3 
Gilbert MacDonald 11.58
Keith Vincent 12.57
Grant Budd 9.37 – approx
Grant Budd 10
Total 44.32

Next year I want to extend the course a little and attract even more runners to this fun event. Thanks to you all for a very enjoyable day.