Tauranga Half Marathon 2015 Results

Sunday the 12 April was an early start for a few of the Hawks contingent Lance Brew, Kovo McDonald, Brook Shepherd-Wright, Chris Smith, Katy Dawson and Nancy Jiang (sorry if I missed anyone) most of us having a 4.30am leaving time from Hamilton.

Was a cool overcast day and standing talking to Katy (while we were stretching) I pointed out that the horrible looking clouds over the hill behind us didn’t look to good. Luckily for us these were never going to come to anything other than darkness on the horizon as the sun came out right as we set off.

After a brief chat to Kovo at the start line who was running a bit late getting over we were moved to the start line where I lined up next to Jess Ruthe thinking if I stay with her for most of the run I’d do pretty well.

On your marks get set go and up the first incline to the first bend where we turned in to the sun beaming at us which made for some interesting running in the first 8kms. Though the first 6km we had some good inclines, downhills and an early turn around point so we could see how others were going.

Up though the town and passing some of the over keen starters to settle into a controlled pace onto the pavers , cobbles and judder bars of downtown Tauranga main street heading out to another turn around point. After getting up the hill though town I was delightfully informed that the turn around is at the top of the next hill “Bugger” but no time to complain.

At the turn around we had made a good break on the next group so I know I was travelling well specially when Kovo as we passed going in opposite directions she came over for a high 5 with the comment “keep it up your looking strong”. Back down the main street and with people coming towards you it spurred me on to really work the last 6/7 kms and dig deep specially since I’d been dropped by the two others I was running with.

The last hill to climb back up which felt like it was never going to give in till you had 2 km to go and I looked at my watch and knew if I held my pace a PB would be well and truly done and it was 1.18.21 a 1 minute 10 second PB 6 male 7 overall. Sitting throwing down fluids I seen Chris Smith finish strong 1.20.44 10 male 12 overall then Kovo McDonald 1.25.47 4 female 19 overall. Brief chats and Katy Dawson appeared 1.27.30 5 female 23 overall followed in by Brook Shepherd-Wright with a PB also 1.30.38 7 female 31 overall with Nancy Jiang hot on her heels 1.31.06 8 female 33 overall.

Brilliant running by all specially considering most are training hard for Rotorua Marathon in 2 and a half weeks time.