The Goat goes bush Kaimai 2015 Results

You’ve GOAT to try this event.

If you like a challenge, have good pair of off-road shoes and can read this technical terrain well, then you will have the makings of a good Goat.

This ‘Kaimai GOAT Goes Bush’ event is a 20KM trail run, starting across farmland, to spread the group out, then heading up the Kaimai Range via the Wairere Falls track, including many steps (one staircase had 121 steps). I settled into a spot just inside the top 20 and my lungs burned by the time we reached the hill tops. Runners were well spread, but Marc Scott and I ran together for a time before he pulled away from me.

I was thinking, I will move though this forest like the blue Avatars (must re-watch that movie)

Up ahead of me, Stefan Wagner was moving fast, as he does so well, on this very slippery, rooty terrain. He was 1st MASTERS GOAT home in 2 hours: 02 minutes (6th overall)

Ant Hancy, running his first GOAT finished 10th overall, in an excellent time of 2:08.

I  pressed on and at about the 12 km mark I caught Marc Scott, who had twisted his knee, which slowed his pace. I finished 1st OLDER GOAT 50+ in 2:21, (20th overall) with Marc close behind, still running on this bad knee.

Vaughan Swale put in a great effort, finishing in 3:15 and glad he had done the event. Not far behind were our two NANNY GOATS, Lisa Joblin, finishing in 3:20, and Ellie Broadbridge finishing in 3:30. You ladies have GOAT what it takes.

This race was won in 1:53 by a YOUNG GOAT, Gene Beveridge, who managed to beat this year’s Tongariro GOAT winner in, by just 2 minutes.

Still the most difficult terrain I ever raced though, but I love it enough to have competed in all of the three years it has been run. Finishing this event is a great achievement, which has me pumped for days afterwards. Well done Jason Cameron and his Victory Events crew. I’ll be back for the challenge, the atmosphere, the goat sausage, goat beer, Lone Goat wine and feta cheese in Steph Craig’s yummy filled pita pockets.

Cheers – Kevin Knowles

Full results here