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The Nugget Multisport Results 2015

The Waihi Nugget is an event not far from Hamilton that provides a distance for all levels of fitness. The 21k run/walk begins with 10k of single track along the  coast, then a short climb ending up with 12k of ups and downs through farmland.

Where else would you get to walk past two cowsheds, slide through plenty of cow-muck-laced races, leap into streams, over fences, and wander through paddocks? My son and I (Nathan) decided a year ago to give this distance a try. I have to say, the first 10k was great. I didn’t mind the single track and the small ups – with a little tree assist. I can do this, I thought and I even passed runners going up the hill to the first drinks station and transition area for the mountain bikes. Little did I know that the hills had not finished and there would be many challenges ahead.

I did appreciate the streams that washed my shoes and loved the humour of the volunteers who cheered us on. This is one event that is well organised and I intend on returning next year (again) but perhaps not the 21k walk (21.99k by my watch). Luckily there are many other distances to try. I ended up second woman across the line (walking), first in my age group and 4th overall with a very long time of 3:39. I think I’ll stick to running though.

Report by Paula Klein

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