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The Nugget Events 2018 Results

The Nugget Race Report by Marc Scott

Great results from Hawks this weekend at the Waihi Nugget. Rain the night before made conditions a bit slippery, but not too sodden. The rain stayed away until late morning, so most got in without too much rain. Forgive me if I miss anyone from the results.

11km – Nice work from Veronika Adams 1st lady and 5th overall from a field of 67. The 11 km is run in the bush track around Waihi.

21km (actually 22.5km), 121 finished– What a nuggety couple! Jai and Malesa taking the open wins. Big congratulations!

8:30 start, at Waihi Beach, giving the ½ Nugget runners a half hour start, which I suppose they needed. Great conditions, mild and overcast. 6 minute warm up felt ok, the last time I’d feel ok that day. At race briefing they mentioned the course change from last year. Thought this had potential, Jai and Matt not being the best with their way-finding, so perhaps together they could take themselves for some extra sightseeing. The field looked stronger this year with a few other speedies noted. Two were and once the gun went Jai, Matt and two others took off down the beach leave all others in their wake.

Heading down the beach, chatted to a couple of “my age blokes”, quizzed another over his age, chat, chat until we hit the track and the first hill 800m in. All communication from me then ceased. Didn’t see the front four after this until Jai passed me a beer at the finish, which was a great sight. The track up the bays is beautiful and footing was good, even with the overnight rain. Up hill, down hill, along bay, across stream, again and again until we hit the big hill at 7 km. Was thinking maybe I’d been working a bit hard but the hill was ok and by the top Malesa hadn’t greeted me with her cheery “Hi, how you going?”

The downhill was wet, but pretty forgiving and not much cow s#@t on the races. We were running in amongst the back end of the mountain bikers on the ½ Nugget by now. They’re good company, but completely unreliable at providing race intelligence. The second half is weaving in and out on farm paddocks, some farm race and some gravel track. The finish is at the mine in Waihi. Got home without seeing anyone after the halfway hill, got the beer. 5th time running this one and still think it’s one of the best trail runs. Such good variety in terrain and scenery.

• 1st Jai Davies-Campbell 1:57:51
• 1st lady, 6th overall Malesa McNearney 2:16:21
• 4th, Matthew Scott (past Hawk) 2:05:36
• 1st 40+, 5th overall Marc Scott 2:15:24
• 2nd 50+ lady, Kay Stockman 2:53:06
• 12th 20-39 male Marcus Daws 2:38:24
• 20th 20-39 male Ross Barnett 2:57:49
• 11th 40+ lady Paula Klein 3:33:33

½ Nugget – 10 km run, 21 km mt bike. Don’t know why we’re reporting on this. Getting on the bike is a bit soft and not too smart at the top of a massive hill, but Kris and Rodrigo spiced it up adding a bit of extra challenge.

Second hand, but we hear:
• Rodrigo did the full Nugget (Road Cycle 23k, Kayak 10k, Road Cycle 9k, Trail Run 10k, MTB 21k, Run 400m), 5th at the end of the run, thought the ride looked a bit short and added an extra 12 km section. You’re a good sport Rodrigo.

• Kris not wanting to be outdone, decided riding with a seat was overrated and thought “my thighs need a proper work out” so he rode without seat. Showing off, but nice work Kris.

Field of 92.
• 2nd 50+, 9th overall Andrew Wark 2:24:09 (3 second of 1st 50+ and 3 places behind Alistair Brownlee)
• 6th 18-39, 14th overall Kris Moore 2:29:50
• 8th 40+ Less Miller 2:49:48
• 6th 40+ Tanja Miller 3:33:26

Full Official Results: http://results.racetiming.co.nz/competitions/1611

Loads of photos here on Go Beyond’s Facebook page

Kauri Run and The Nugget Events 2017 Results

Great Cranleigh Kauri Run Coromandel

The large high over the stunning Coromandel Peninsula meant those entered in this trail run had sunshine as they ran the scenic course. Numerous Hawks took part and as each entry purchases a kauri tree they are helping in the revegetation of kauri over the whole district. The women’s 23km was won by Bridget Ray in 2.20.33 with Bridget Deverell taking 4 th spot in 2.35.10.

In the womens 13km the Sportshub race report says that Emerson Deverell’s winning time beating all men entrants as well of 52.39 was “staggering and she is a star in the making”. Sister Ashleigh was 2 nd in 1.08.04.

Nugget Results

Half Nugget (10k Trail Run, 21k MTB, 500m Run)
ANDREW WARK 2:27:11 4 MALE 4 MALE 40-49 1
MARTIN FERRY 2:34:32 6 MALE 6 MALE 18-39 4
KRIS MOORE 2:34:47 7 MALE 7 MALE 18-39 5
MIKE HARRIS 2:41:02 12 MALE 12 MALE 40-49 3
21k Adventure Run
MATTHEW SCOTT 1:56:14 1 MALE 1 MALE 18-39 1
MARC SCOTT 2:01:52 3 MALE 3 MALE 40-49 1
KATY DAWSON 2:08:18 6 FEMALE 1 FEMALE 40-49 1
10k Run

The Nugget Multisport Results 2015

The Waihi Nugget is an event not far from Hamilton that provides a distance for all levels of fitness. The 21k run/walk begins with 10k of single track along the  coast, then a short climb ending up with 12k of ups and downs through farmland.

Where else would you get to walk past two cowsheds, slide through plenty of cow-muck-laced races, leap into streams, over fences, and wander through paddocks? My son and I (Nathan) decided a year ago to give this distance a try. I have to say, the first 10k was great. I didn’t mind the single track and the small ups – with a little tree assist. I can do this, I thought and I even passed runners going up the hill to the first drinks station and transition area for the mountain bikes. Little did I know that the hills had not finished and there would be many challenges ahead.

I did appreciate the streams that washed my shoes and loved the humour of the volunteers who cheered us on. This is one event that is well organised and I intend on returning next year (again) but perhaps not the 21k walk (21.99k by my watch). Luckily there are many other distances to try. I ended up second woman across the line (walking), first in my age group and 4th overall with a very long time of 3:39. I think I’ll stick to running though.

Report by Paula Klein

View full Nugget results here

nugget2015 nugget2015_Stefan

The Nugget Multisport Festival Waihi Results

For the Nugget, Waihi and Waihi Beach dawned very soggy after a night of torrential rain and flooding. Several hardy and brave Hawks were convinced that the multi-sport event would be cancelled for safety reasons, but it went ahead (most were happy about that!) and so all lined up at the start line of their chosen event and, as it turned out thankfully the rain tap turned off for long enough for most to finish their race and there were no major mishaps.

Even though the rain held off, the conditions on the trails were understandably muddy, slippery and treacherous, especially for the second wave of contestants.

Several Hawks ran the Nugget Half Marathon which is a very challenging hilly, cross country course starting at Waihi Beach heading north over the beaches and then inland uphill and through farmland into Waihi. We had Kerry Suter, Mark Scott, Glenn Sexton, Marcus Daws, Mike Brightwell, Connie Crook , Kovo Kowalewski and Kay Stockman all taking part. Kerry, Mark, Glenn and Marcus were the first 4 men over the line . The girls all ran excellent times and thoroughly enjoyed the adventure.

The second event to start from Waihi Beach was the Half Nugget 10km run/26km mountain bike ride. Kent Hodgson and Sheldon Gorter (Cambridge cyclist) entered the Half Nugget as a team and came in first. Unfortunately Kent struggled on the run with traction problems in the wrong shoes and graciously let Andrew Wark go past him on the last hill.

Andrew Wark, Karen Hopson and Kris Moore all did the Half Nugget run/MB as individuals and did exceptionally well. Andrew placed 5th , Karen was 8th woman and Chris finished the race in good time despite suffering terrible cramp in his legs on the 26km bike which he claims was the worst pain he has ever endured (men should have to give birth!). Once again Andrew didn’t manage to stay upright for the whole bike leg (dam sneaky alcathene pipe!) but thankfully didn’t require post-race facial surgery this year!

Good on Dion Hardy who still did the 10k run in the Full Nugget Team relay event despite competing in a few very tough endurance events just recently.

Great effort Hawks!