Watchless Club Race 2018 Results

Report by Lance Brew

On Saturday we had a good 15 runners show up to see how well we can run without a heavy attachment on your wrist A WATCH! on the river path course.

The format for the race was you decide on what distance you were wanting run 3 km or 5 km and write your estimated finish time down, with plenty of tooing and frooing going on for some runners on how well they were going to run. The start was delayed as we were all precise when the rain came down but was the right call made as who wanted to get wet.

Glen sends us off and to be truthful it was kinda nice to be running on how you feel rather than trying to stay with in a pace goal.At the 2.5 km turn around Lance lead closely followed by the 3 man pack of Kent, Andrew and John Crane who was going to finish strongly and get as close as they could to their estimated time. There was some great looking faces coming over the finish line as we had no idea of our times until we crossed the line as the clock was facing backwards

With the winner been the person who could be the closes to the estimated time with out going over it.

In the 3km race Dave took home the win been -14 seconds to his time with Terry flying under his time -2.57

In the 5km race Kevin took home the win been -4 seconds to his time with John close behind-5 seconds Kay took out the womens race been -15 second to her time.Amazing to see how close people were to their estimated time.

See everyones time below:

Placing        Name                 Estimated time       Actual time     Difference

1st              Kevin Knowles          19.45                   19.41              -4

2nd            John Crane                18.20                   18.15              -5

3rd            Kent Hodgson             18.20                   18.11              -9

4th             Kay Stockman            24.20                   24.05             -15

5th            Pat Gallagher              25.00                   24.24             -36

6th             Andrew Wark              18.20                   18.27             +7

7th            Lance Brew                 17.20                    17.28            +8

8th=          Tishimi Farrell                22.50                   23.00            +10

Rob Townsend             20.00                    20.10            +10

10th           Marc Scott                     19.00                   19.22            +22

11th           Gibert Mac Donald        22.50                   26.46             +3.54 minutes



1st             Dave Southwick            16.30                   16.16             -14

2nd            Terry Hannett                 24.20                   21.23           – 2.57 minutes

3rd             Donovan Farrell             12.30                   13.04           +34

4th             Vaughan Swale              15.00                   16.13           +1.13