Club Road Champs 2018 Results

Race Report by Glenn Sexton

This year Club Road Champs was held at the Eastside course.

Surprisingly our humble wee group of mainly townies with the odd cow cockie suddenly because an extreme M Bovis risk at Ruakura so we were unable to have our club champs there this year nor in the future by the looks. Lance, Kris and myself scouted around tow looking for traffic free course with toilets and a hall or somewhere to have the after match function. These are as scarce as hens teeth so we settled on the Eastside course we use for the summers Tuesday night runs. Our main concern was the amount of public that could be potentially on the course, which was compounded on the morning by the traffic chaos getting to the gardens to the Tulip festival. Luckily the flower lovers stuck to the gardens and our pre race brief to be considerate to other users was heeded. Thanks for that, no complaints so far!!
To the racing the kids 2 and 3k had a modest field of 4, All ran well with Alba letting me know with 500 metres to go that she had “left mum behind”

The 5 and 10k had a total of 41 starters which was a little less than previous years but the racing was as keen as usual.From my position mid pack it looked like Logan Rodger led a bunch early and gradually pulled away to finish first. Kirsten led the womens 10k the whole way before trekking up to Auckland to win the new trail race in 3.25 the next day.The 5km was won by Ben Bidios who ran with Logan and Samantha Corbett. By all accounts the finish of the day came from John Bowe who had younger legs for the final downhill dash with Kento.
Big thanks to Lance and Kris for setting up, Fiona, Briar Carr and Shona for doing registrations and timing and Dean Corbett and Gordon Spiers for manning the marshall spots.

I think i got everyone but apologies if i missed. It was also great to see friends, fellow members and family scattered along the course cheering us on.

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Race report and photos to be posted here and facebook later.

Place Bib Name Distance Category Time
1 15 Ben Bidois 5km MU16 16:43
2 5 Andrew Carr 5km MU16 17:06
3 3 Sam Corbett 5km WU18 20:24
4 16 Garry Wilson 5km MM50-59 21:09
5 2 Gemma Horan 5km WU16 21:57
6 8 Gary Clare 5km MM40-49 22:17
7 14 Maureen Leonard 5km MW55+ 22:31
8 11 Dawn Tuffery 5km MW35-44 22:50
9 13 Kay Stockman 5km MW55+ 23:23
10 12 Katy Corbett 5km WU18 24:51:00
11 1 Shona Dewson 5km MW45-54 25:02:00
12 7 Kerry Rattray 5km MW45-54 26:02:00
13 6 Kaye Sharpe 5km MW45-54 26:21:00
4 Wendy Harris 5km MW45-54 DNF
9 Helen Hall King 5km MW55+ DNF
10 Mike Riley 5km MM60+ DNF
17 John Crane 5km MM50-59 DNF
1 66 Logan Rodger 10km SM 34:06:00
2 75 Theunis Pieters 10km SM 34:24:00
3 68 Richard Malcolm 10km SM 35:59:00
4 60 Josh Nyika 10km SM 36:37:00
5 79 Simon Kerr 10km SM 36:54:00
6 71 Lance Brew 10km SM 37:06:00
7 55 John Bowe 10km MM40-49 37:13:00
8 61 Kent Hodgson 10km MM50-59 37:18:00
9 72 Andrew Wark 10km MM50-59 37:53:00
10 56 Chris Smith 10km MM50-59 38:14:00
11 76 Rhys Mildon 10km SM 38:46:00
12 50 Glenn Sexton 10km MM50-59 39:01:00
13 52 Kris Moore 10km SM 39:11:00
14 69 Martn Ferry 10km SM 39:25:00
15 54 Marc Scott 10km MM40-49 39:44:00
16 51 Mike Harris 10km MM40-49 40:25:00
17 58 Chris Keith 10km MM50-59 41:03:00
18 57 Kevin Knowles 10km MM60+ 41:42:00
19 73 Kirsten Milne 10km SW 42:05:00
20 59 Sunil Fernandez Ritchie 10km SM 42:26:00
21 62 Iain Rattray 10km MM40-49 42:32:00
22 74 Helen Gavin 10km SW 42:40:00
23 78 Kovo McDonald 10km SW 43:26:00
24 65 Connie Daws 10km SW 48:52:00
25 63 Ray Chrystall 10km MM40-49 50:25:00
26 70 Vaughan Swale 10km MM60+ 50:25:00
27 77 Grahame Clarkin 10km MM60+ 54:54:00
53 Ross Barnett 10km SM DNF
64 Bradley Christison 10km MU20 DNF
67 Colin King 10km MM60+ DNF

Kids Event

Amber  Rattray U10 11:22
Alba Watkins U10 14:22
Zarah Rattray U12 8.39
Maddison Rattray U14 12.48