“how hard could 33k be?”

Waitomo Trail Run

By Paula Klein

I entered due to a severe case of FOMO and thought “how hard could 33k be?” I bought new shoes (thanks to Colin at Trek n Travel) and toe socks. Four little training runs later and I was happy that they would keep me on the trail. The first 11k went rather slowly and I really didn’t connect to how hot it was out there on the farm land. The scenery was delightful and the hills as expected.

The first adventure option was rather fun but I opted for not dropping down into the cave. It was a day when I really didn’t fuel well or drink enough. I really couldn’t understand why I was unable to walk up the hills with a smile on my face and did start to regret my hill training during the week. At the bail out sign I met up with a friendly face who informed me that it was a rather long wait further up so I happily followed him down the slippery hill (still staying upright).

It wasn’t until I stood in the cool stream waiting to traverse up another slippery slope that I realised how hot I was. Ahhhhh… icy water is so refreshing and so I went (when I could) up and finished with a tired look on my face.

A great event with scenery to die for (luckily I didn’t actually die) and friendly volunteers.  I’ll be back for next year when I do not bail out but indeed finish the whole course.