Inaugural Waitomo Run 2016

Hamilton Hawks sent the finest they could find.

‘An Epic Week’

An invitation from my 13 year old nephew to fly to Queenstown and accompany him on the annual Wanaka Motorbike Trail Ride was a little hard to justify.

“how hard could 33k be?”

I entered due to a severe case of FOMO and thought "how hard could 33k be?" I bought new shoes (thanks to Colin at Trek n Travel) and toe socks. Four little training runs later and I was happy that they would keep me on the trail.

The Spikes

For the first cross country race of the season I pull my cross country spikes off the shelf to find them caked with last year’s last cross country mud. I am glad none of my club mates saw them.

Ngutunui training loop

Sunday was a training run organised by Graham, inviting all Hawks wanting a good challenging long run. Starting out early at 525m elevation, we could feel the brisk chill while getting out the long sleeve thermals. The usual thought of 'why the hell are we doing this' arrived.

A blast from the past

Check out these videos of Hawks between 2007 to 2011

Hawks and the Hamilton Lake

Members may be interested to know the Hamilton Lake features prominently in the history of Hawks.

Tussock Traverse – A Slower Runner’s Report

The day begins in a very foggy National Park village. We meet the bus and set off at 7.25am. The bus moves us out of the mist and around the mountains to our start point on the Waihohonu track at a plodding pace. As we crawl around the mountain and onto the Desert Road side of Mount Ruapehu the immensity of the landscape becomes apparent...

The Tussock Traverse

We were greeted at the Chateau with 2 friendly faces, Steph and Hadley, both helping and welcoming all. The usual buzz of pre-race day was felt with our race bag & clean shoe checks done, race numbers handed out.

26 Reasons to Love Running

Dawn Tuffery has made an A to Z cartoon running alphabet book, and will share some of the 'letters' in the Road and Cross Country newsletters over the coming weeks.

Ran the Routeburn

A recent trip to Wanaka to see family gave me the excuse I needed to run the Routeburn Track - a 32k tramping track that starts from the road to Milford Sound and heads over a range or two to the northern tip of Lake Wakatipu (Queenstown Lake).

Taniwha 2015 Race Report

Never, I swore, would I run an ultra. Too far. Too dull. Too hard. I had friends who did them. Crazy, wild-haired folk with no toenails to speak of. Crawling between physios, bound in K-Tape. I also had friend who DNF’d in them. That’s a pain no K-Tape can fix. Why would you do it? I didn’t get it. About 25km into the Taniwha, I got it.

Rotorua Rainbow Kiltathlon

Perfect conditions for a 34k run on the Black Track. We set off. Fourteen guys and gals in Buffs, Hokas, and kilts. And frilly tutus. It was a Kiltathon, after all.

How the XC Champs have evolved

I began running for Hamilton Harriers in 1955. When I ran in…

New Shoes and Old

To those who recently urged me to discard my dirty holey aging running shoes, you will be pleased to know those shoes have been consigned to the bin.

Double Rainbow Trail – Mark 2

Last year I did the 17km (1 lap up) and so this year, after gaining a free entry ( thanks guys), I decided why not try the 25km ( 2 laps up). 4 laps is just mental. Who would do that?

Swaledale Marathon Report

On January 4th 2015 I downloaded the entry form, filled it in & with a 20 pound note I posted it to the Swaledale Outdoor Club Richmond , North Yorkshire, England.

T42 Marathon 2015 Results

I had no idea, really. No idea of the terrain, no idea of the route, no idea how to adjust my borrowed race pack and no idea whether my obligatory pre-race injury would actually allow me to start, let alone finish.