Well, we had a fairly low key start to the official season with around 20 runners competing under blue skies in the first of the official races for the season – the Reduction Relay.

There were 6 teams of 3 runners, with the top 3 teams only around 30 seconds apart (kudos to the organisers for picking evenly matched teams…!)

Great running everyone…!

The results were:  1st – Cameron, Iain Rattray, and Thea Mace 24:16  2nd – Brent Nijssen, Chris Keith, and Kirsten Milne 24.34  3rd – Joe Mace, Mike Harris, and Carenza Elley. 24.43  4th – Maureen Leonard, Tayne Corporaal, and Paul Reynolds. 26.44  5th – Mary Rogerson, Layton Mace and Harry Coles 27.01  6th – Abbey Coventry, Mark Cornaga, and Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie 28.03
Honourable mention to the two wee lads who ran their own kids race.