TA Golf Course

Te Awamutu Golf Course XC 2013


The Te Awamutu Athletic Club Golf Course Fun Run was an off road run with 3km for school students, 3km, 6km, 12km and a 4 person 12km relay option.

Highlighted Results:


1. Tim Stewart 41:56, 2. Cory Whiting 42:06, 3. John Crane 43:51, 4. Glenn Sexton 44:51, 5. Andrew Wark 45:30


1. Paul Signal 24:14, 2. Emerson Deverall 24:39, 3. Craig Wilson 26:26


1. Craig McLean 10:17, 2. Oliver McLean 10:39, 3. Ani Gemmill 11:51

Also Isaac Milne 12:52, Mia Milne 13:11, Lucy Farrell 13:21, Rain Milne 14:05

Sophie Harris, first race as a Hawk, 17:55. Congratulations and thank you to Helen Hall for helping her around the course. Fantastic to see many children of members getting involved. Keep it up, get out and race as often as you can.

Full Results:




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