Te Awamutu Golf Course 2023 Results

The event was a great success. Once again we had perfect weather for it, and with a record number of entries (~180) this popular event has proven once again it is a fantastic way to launch the cross-country racing season.

As all entrants started together, it was an impressive sight to see so many runners racing off into the distance to test themselves on the beautifully manicured fairways of the golf course.

Racing (no matter how fast you are) is always hard – and it was awesome to see so many Hawks (somewhere around 35 past and present members) – including a good number of our new members – joining in the (type 2) fun.

And if you want to check out some photos from the day, there are LOTS over on the Tauranga Ramblers Facebook page <<here>>

The full event results can be viewed as a PDF below the Hawks Results.

Report by Christian Conder

As I lined up with the other runners for the cross-country fun run at the Te Awamutu Golf Course, I felt a mix of excitement and nerves. This was my first race of the season, and I was eager to see what level I was at.

There was a big turnout and the Hawks had a really good showing. Just need to get everyone registered and into a Hawks singlet 😉. 

The pack start was a bit of fun with athletes of all ages starting at different paces for their distance. I settled into a comfortable pace early and focused on my breathing, trying to feel relaxed. The course offered a variety of challenges, including rolling hills and a strong breeze on the back straight, but I felt confident in my abilities and pushed myself to keep a consistent pace. 

Throughout the race, I passed some runners and was passed by others, but stayed focused on running my own race and keeping consistent. I could just see Harry and Rich ahead of me, but they were slightly out of reach. On the last lap my legs were spent and John Bowe dragged me along the back straight. 

When I crossed the finish line, I felt a sense of pride and satisfaction in my performance. While I didn’t set any records, I had run a consistent race and felt good about my effort.

Overall, the race was a great start to the season, and gave me the confidence to keep pushing myself as we get stuck into the season.

Hawks Results:

M Run 9k792Troy Lonergan9k Run0:31:37
884Cameron Mumby9k Run0:32:54
1027Harrison Coles9k Run0:35:22
1049Christian Conder9k Run0:35:53
10510John Bowe9k Run0:36:00
11113Chris Smith9k Run0:36:54
11616Marc Smith9k Run0:37:44
12018Martin Carroll9k Run0:38:17
12219Dave Gunn9k Run0:39:03
12622Ross Barnett9k Run0:39:56
13024Rob Townsend9k Run0:40:24
13226Sam Price9k Run0:41:25
15537Grahame Clarkin9k Run0:51:16
15739Colin King9k Run0:51:54 
F Run 9k1451Helen Hall-King9k Run0:45:57
1472Sue Hunter9k Run0:47:22
M Run 6k371Zack Conroy6k Run0:21:51
575Peter Conder6k Run0:27:42
606David Middlemiss6k Run0:27:59
667Cole Dawson6k Run0:28:47
719Richard Anderson6k Run0:30:20
9014Jack Conder6k Run0:33:23
10715Steve Hunter6k Run0:36:22
11717Gordon Speirs6k Run0:37:53
F Run 6k647Carenza Elley6k Run0:28:35
729Sam Corbett6k Run0:30:34 
9815Wendy Fox6k Run0:34:58
Walk 6k1411Mike Riley6k Walk0:44:29
M Student 3k11Daniel Mumby3k Student Run0:11::50 
2011Austin Liang3k Student Run0:16:55
F Student 3k2110Mckenzie Liang3k Student Run0:16:56
3217Grace Liang3k Student Run0:21:09
6527Philippa Liang3k Student Run0:28:37