WaiBOP Road Champs 2015 Results

Report By Don Willoughby

Waikato Bay Of Plenty Road Champs were held at Tauriko Industrial Estate Tauranga on Sunday.

Being ruthlessly honest, I was disappointed at the turn out. ‘Why Sunday?’ was the cry from many athletes. ‘Sunday is for a long run or a distance race that starts in the morning.’ It was an excellent road surface to run on and numerous Hawks ran very well indeed.

I was amused by one gun start when three races took off from three different start points. Flags were dropped as the gun went at the 6km start and the 8km and 10km fields sprang into action at the drop of a flag as well. With 3 races on the go there was plenty to watch and encourage at that stage.


Report by Murray McKinnon, with Athletics NZ

New Zealand triathlon representative Jai Davies-Campbell won the senior 10km title in 32:46 from Tim Stewart 33:10 and David Lee 35:22. Sarah Murphy won the senior women’s 10km in 40:50. Craig Kirkwood won the masters 10km in 33:23 from Michael Pugh 33:51. John Crane was the first 50 plus in 35:29. Judith May won the masters women 5km in 20:23. Michael Voss was a clear winner of the junior 8km in 25:49 from Harry Ewing 26:43. Morgan Ball was first in the junior women 5km in 22:15. The youth women 5km went to Emerson Deverell in 18:14, from Grace Ritchie 18:50. Isaiah Priddey took out the youth men 6km in 20:14 from Connor Tristram 20:59. The B14 3km went to Lochie Montgomerie in 10:14 and the G14 3km to Charli Miller in 10:19.


Hawks Results.

G10 2km
2    Rylee Mardon        8.54

B12 2km
1    Mathijs Wetzels        6.30
3    Tobias Wetzels        7.10
G12    2km
3    Kate Bradley        8.33

B14 3km
1    Lochie Montgomerie    10.14
4    Karl Bradley                    11.36
G14    3km
1     Charli Miller                    10.19
2     Sam Corbett                    11.03
4     Katie Corbett                13.01

Youth Women 5km
1    Emerson Deverell        18.14
2    Grace Ritchie               18.50
3    Gina Butler                    19.14

Youth Men 6km
1    Isaiah Pridddey            20.14
2    Tristram Connor            20.59
3    Mathijs Wetzels           21.08
5    MIta Hikaru                  29.00 Ran 8km in error
Junior Men    8km
2     Harry Ewing                26.43
3    Matt Scott                    27.53
4    Matt Van Dalen            30.21

Senior Men 10km
1    Jai Davies-Campbell        32..46
2    Tim Stewart                    33.10
3    David Lee                     35.22
4    Rhys Mildon                37.05

Senior Women  10km
1    Sarah Murphy               40.50
2    Veronica Lang             42.56
3    Vicki  Wade                43.00

MM35 10km
1    Lance Brew                36.17

MM45 10km
2    Kent Hodgson            35.27
3    Andrew Wark            35.28
5    Marc Scott                37.11
10    Gilbert Macdonald    57.09

MM50 10km
1    John Crane                35.29
3    Ross Butler               39.28


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Photos by Taurange Rambles – see album here