Fancy some hills repeats in the city?

Start at the Corner Tainui St and Seddon Roads

Run Up Mararama Street and round the corner to the top of the hill on Lake Road.

Jog back down Tainui St to the Start and repeat.

800 M with a Hill x 6 loops

City Hill Run

Hill Intervals

Use these workouts to make you stronger.

6x 800m with a hill. Marama Street Circuit. Start at the corner Tainui Street and Seddon Road (Across from Hamilton Girls high). Finish at The top of lake road. Jog back down to the start.

4 x 1500 with a hill. Start at the old golf course by the Hamilton lake – Wind you way up the hill to the Water tower – on the grass. Easy on the legs – but hard on the lungs.

3x 2km with a hill. These long reps will get your lungs working! Start at the speed hump next to the Veranda – finish at the Clarence street sign by the water tower.

12x Ruakiwi hills. Get a session of these under your belt and you will be able to run faster than a speeding bullet!

Something new – Gower Park

School holidays and therefore no lights at the Hockey Grounds so off we go to Gower park

Around the lights 6x 800m on the grass.

Gower Park


Hills – Training of Champions!

On the grass by Lake Domain Drive North end of the lake.

Bring your spikes if you want.

We practice our downhill skills as well in this session.