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Bannister Plaque 2016 Results

There was a small but enthusiastic turnout for the Bannister Plaque on Saturday, an event that was a late addition to the calendar for anyone who was around over the long weekend … and it turned out to be an enjoyable and sunny Hamilton afternoon for the 22 runners who came along.

“how hard could 33k be?”

I entered due to a severe case of FOMO and thought “how hard could 33k be?” I bought new shoes (thanks to Colin at Trek n Travel) and toe socks. Four little training runs later and I was happy that they would keep me on the trail.

The Spikes

For the first cross country race of the season I pull my cross country spikes off the shelf to find them caked with last year’s last cross country mud. I am glad none of my club mates saw them.

Ngutunui training loop

Sunday was a training run organised by Graham, inviting all Hawks wanting a good challenging long run. Starting out early at 525m elevation, we could feel the brisk chill while getting out the long sleeve thermals. The usual thought of ‘why the hell are we doing this’ arrived.